My ways to get out of depression

If you google the word “depression”, around 208 000 000 results will appear. The first of them are about symptoms, warning signs, causes, definitions of clinical depression and so on. Even if you read them or not – everyone has his or her own understanding of the word “depression”. And I bet everyone would like to get out of that feeling and never feel it again.

If you google “ways to get out of depression”, around 221 000 000 results will appear. I bet most of them are similar and you may find some very helpful tips. I’ve made a list that works for me as well, whenever I feel down or blue.

pexels-photo (9)


I am going to share it here and I hope it will be useful for you too.

  1. Overcoming laziness – work, work, work. Keep yourself busy with projects.
  2. Yoga!! Or do some sport.
  3. Social contacts – speak to your friends and relatives more, it will make you feel better. Meet new people and make new friends if possible.
  4. Listen to music – helps you relax or helps you cheer up (depends on the type of music you play). I recommend Spotify – there are great playlists for any taste.
  5. Something known worldwide: traveling is always a good idea! Take a vacation, go somewhere on holiday or take a few days off for a road trip to the nearest town or village.
  6. Positive thoughts and energy: enjoy little things; stop thinking about yourself only; realize that you’re worthy; be grateful for what you have.

Remember: We all have an obligation to be happy! Whatever happened, it shall pass. Go out there and be happy. 🙂


Photos: By Pexels 


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