I live in a country where nobody cares.



Nobody cares when they don’t give you a receipt in the store or in the restaurant. Nobody cares when employers don’t pay for employees’ insurance. Nobody cares when doctors don’t take care of your health, but still they make you pay. Nobody cares when drivers don’t stop at pedestrian walks. Nobody cares when robberies happen. Nobody cares when murders happen. Nobody cares about the protests and the people. Nobody cares when you walk into an institution and say “Good afternoon”. Nobody cares to smile. Nobody cares to help you. Nobody cares to give you a lift when you need it. Nobody cares to ask how you’ve been. Nobody cares to ask if you are satisfied with your job or if you need a raise.


Truth is… Sometimes I wonder why I even came back here… The country where nobody cares. It’s home. I care.

Photos: By Pexels


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