The Harmony Ball Story

Just after Christmas I received a very interesting package in my mail box. It was from my cousin who lives in Germany and it traveled all the way to Bulgaria – I thought it was a Christmas gift. And I was right – so thoughtful of her. 🙂

When I opened the package I saw something similar to this (but not the same design):


To be honest, I had no idea what it was. Thanks to the gift card where I found the interesting explanation! What a nice surprise! So, it is called a Harmony Ball. It is worn as a pendant by pregnant women and I found out the story about it:

“A Harmony Ball is a chime pendant, a lovely piece of jewelry originating from Bali in Indonesia. It brings a sense of calm and harmony to the wearer as the pendant emits a soft but audible chime sound with movement, creating a relaxing effect. A Harmony Ball is also known in Mexico as a Bola (Spanish for Ball) or Bola Necklace or Angel Caller.”

“The Harmony Ball (Bola) has been worn for centuries by pregnant women in Balinese and Mayan cultures for the calming effect it can have on the unborn baby in the womb. The pregnant woman will wear the harmony ball on a long chain or cord. As the mother does her daily tasks the pendant will move emitting the soft chime sound. This sound will penetrate into the womb and will be even softer.”

Needless to say, I started wearing it right away. It does have a calming and relaxing effect for me, I hope for the baby as well. Such a charming gift! I recommend it and I wish it will bring the magic of harmony into your life. ♥

pexels-photo (4)

Photos: By Pexels


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