The Joy of Traveling

There are no words to describe it…You need to feel it…The joy of traveling ♥ For some – pleasure, for others – meaning of life. A way to get out of ordinary weeks and months and everyday life. A way to feel great about yourself, a way to remember that life is more than just going to work and doing chores. A way to get lost and a way to be found at the same time.

It’s not only about sightseeing and meeting new culture. It’s about feeling the atmosphere of the new place, sensing its charm, finding its special thing, understanding way of life in it and people’s minds. It’s about remembering who you were and how you felt then and there. ‘Cause there’s a difference. We change when we travel. Maybe that’s why we miss it when we come back home.


Travel any time any place possible. Meet new people, try new things, create new experiences. Every place is unique. Catch its spirit and keep it in you. Take adventures. Recharge yourself with positive energy. Nobody else can’t buy your memories for you, you have to create them yourself. Traveling is a great way of doing it.

As they say, you always remember your first. My first – Portugal, arriving in Lisbon. And then it all began – my passion, my desire, my life. Traveling ♥…

“I measure life by countries, not years”.


Photos: By Pexels


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