Baby’s gender: why does everyone want to know?

A boy or a girl? A boy or a girl?” People keep asking and asking… It’s some kind of madness! When you tell them that you do not want to know the baby’s gender, it gets worse. Even my doctor is confused. “Why? How come? Aren’t you curious?” And so on, and so on… Why does everyone want to know? It’s not like you can return the baby when its gender is different from the one you want. “Ah, excuse me, I ordered something else, please take it back and bring me the other.” Imagine.. !!

Truth is I really don’t want to know. I would like to keep the element of surprise for the big event. I want to have both – a boy and a girl, so it doesn’t matter which comes first.

Maybe the surprise is what’s bothering other people – they can’t stand the idea of not knowing. Even though there is no point in knowing – you can’t do or change anything about it. I guess the other reason is related to shopping and colors – blue for a boy, pink for a girl. It’s like these are the only two colors in the world. Nothing else, only these, so you must know what to buy and in which color. And the idea of uncertainty – the unknown information, the limited knowledge is not what people want.

I can’t think of other reasons why everyone wants to know, so if you know why – help me out here please.

To everyone that wants to know: you can find out around the end of the fourth – the beginning of the fifth month. Again, it is individual and depends on your doctor and their equipment.

There are also ways to “guess” the gender without the help of your doctor (I don’t know whether they are helpful or not, though).

1. The height of the belly

The legend says that if a pregnant woman’s belly is situated higher, she is carrying a girl, and if it is lower – a boy.

2. The shape of the belly

If the future mom has a round belly- it’s a boy! If her belly is wide – it’s a girl!

3. A trick with a ring

Take a string and put it through a ring so that the ring is left hanging. After that lie down and put the ring over your belly, but without touching it, you just leave it hanging on the string. If the ring starts rotating in a circle – you are expecting a girl. If it starts rotating backwards and forwards – you are expecting a boy.

4. Morning sickness

They say that if there is morning sickness during the first months of your pregnancy, you are probably expecting a girl. On the other hand, if there isn’t any morning sickness – a boy.

5. Sweet or salty?

What do you eat more? Sweets or salty food? If the answer is sweets – it’s a girl. If you prefer salty – it’s a boy.

6. Ancient Chinese Gender Prediction

The following Chinese chart for gender prediction will answer to your big question: A boy or a girl? All you need to know is the mother’s age and the month of conception. So, there you are.


In the end, I think it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. The important thing is that soon you will be the happiest person on Earth and the baby will be your little sunshine.

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Photo by Pexels 


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