St. Valentine’s Romantic Ideas

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up – the day of love! A day to show your love, to surprise your loved ones, to love each other and everything about love! But have you made any plans? Are you prepared?

Personally, I rarely find time for the proper preparations about this day. It’s not that I don’t like it, I really do actually! But it’s just that free time is needed to get ready and to think of something nice. This year it will be even harder for me, taking into account the pregnancy and going to work every day…

That’s why I’ve decided to write a short article about St. Valentine’s Day – I hope it will make the preparations for the day easier for you. My suggestions are some romantic ideas, and of course, all of them are about love. I hope they will help you surprise your partner and spend the celebration lovely. So ladies, here are some ideas how to show your love for him:

  1. Breakfast in bed

Surprise him with a morning breakfast in bed prepared by you. Wake him up with a gentle kiss and a breakfast tray that smells delicious. Made with love: put some cream in the shape of a heart into his coffee cup; draw a heart or a smile with ketchup on the top of his omelet … Be creative with his food!

pexels-photo (22)

  1. Recreating your first date

Do you remember your first date? I think recreating it as much as possible is a great way to show how much you care about him. And it shows that you remember it, as well.

  1. Romantic dinner at home

Something similar to the breakfast in bed, but for the evening – prepare dinner for him at home. Don’t forget wine and candles! They create even more romantic atmosphere. Because you are at home, you can have dinner even on the floor – put some blankets and pillows around, make some kind of an improvised “table”. It will be even better if there is a fireplace at your house and the weather is cold.

david boozer,pexels

Photo by David Boozer

  1. A night under the stars

One of my favorites. Prepare home-made food, take it in a basket, don’t forget wine! Make a picnic in the evening, somewhere nice outside. Spend the night under the stars.

  1. Love letter or love message

An idea that you can include in the dinner preparations – serve the dinner but before that on the bottom of his plate write a love “message”, a love “letter”. It can be simply “I love you”.

  1. Love cup just for him

Buy him a coffee cup or mug just for him with love motives. They can be pictures, love words or photos of you and him together.

  1. Love book

As a gift, buy him a small book with positive thoughts, love letters, love declarations… There is a variety of them in book stores and they are really cute. Or buy him a “Handbook for amazing sex”.

  1. Chocolate

It’s a cliché, but it’s one of the best! A box full of different types of chocolate candies with small notes of paper under each one. Written on them – short love lucks.

  1. Mixed CD with love songs

Burn a mixed CD with love songs – something special, just for him. Include songs that he likes.

  1. Photo frame and photos of you and him

Buy a photo frame for St. Valentine’s Day – with hearts or love words on it, red with white. Put a nice photo of you and him together in it and the gift is ready. You can also combine a number of photos, depends on the photo frame. My way – I would make a nice collage of photos!


  1. Love notes in your house

Do you know those small sticky notes in different colors? Use them! Write on some of them love notes or simply “I love you” and while he’s asleep put them everywhere in your house where he will see them in the morning. Leave them on his desk, on the fridge, in his drawers, on the bathroom mirror, even on his car wheel… He might be curious to find all of them by the end of the day.

  1. Love cakes or sweets

Prepare a home-made cake or some kind of sweets for the evening. Decorate it or them with hearts and something else nice that you can find. The perfect dessert if you ask me.


  1. Romantic massage

He will love it – after dinner, a romantic massage by you, gentle and relaxing music, scented candles…

I hope the ideas will be useful for you.

Have an amazing St. Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget that to love and to be loved is the greatest feeling. 🙂

Photos: by Pexels


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