Before you were born

Dear baby,

Before you were born, your Dad and I had no clue what having a baby will mean for us. Before you were born, we were reckless. He was living in the capital and I was living here. We were both working and stealing time for vacations. We LOVEd traveling! We planned trips together, we were visiting different towns in the country almost every weekend, we went on holidays. I was mapping out our route, your Dad was driving and we were singing songs along with the radio turned on while passing through different places on our way. We took a summer holiday at the Bulgarian seaside and for a week we visited 10 different places (towns and villages). Once we took off for the weekend to a small village and spend it drinking wine, eating traditional food and taking beautiful photos with my cheap camera. We were thinking about buying a professional one so that we can take professional pictures at the places we visit.

pexels-photo (17)

Dear baby,

Before you were born, you’ve been abroad. But, of course, we didn’t know yet you were with us. We took together an amazing trip to Romania, and you were a part of it, secretly. You laughed a lot with us, you were lost many times in Transylvania, you ate delicious Romanian food and drank typical Romanian beer. We admired the beauty of the Carpathians, took many many pictures, enjoyed visiting castles. Your Dad booked a suspicious apartment in Bucharest and we met a suspicious Italian guy who didn’t speak English. We stayed a day longer than we thought. We didn’t want to go back home.

We thought this is how it’s going to be… We were planning to visit Serbia some weeks after that. Your Dad even booked the accommodation and we had chosen cities to pass through. We were excited about eating pleskavitsa, listening to Serbian music and feeling free again.

pexels-photo (2)0

We were planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Prague. We were planning to visit Istanbul once I renew my passport (because it expired). We were planning the dream holiday for the summer! It is a dream for me, I think it also became a dream for your Dad. The island of Santorini, in Greece. Your Dad wanted to visit Budapest, I wanted to visit Rome. We wanted to spend at least a week in the south of Italy. We found cheap flights to Pisa. We wanted to go everywhere. And we still do!

Dear baby,

Before you were born, we had many plans. Then we found out about you… Now YOU are our plan.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Photos: by Pexels


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