Your new job: Being pregnant. Hard work

I am going to be the most well-prepared mother ever! Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I started getting ready!

The next day my boyfriend bought for me a laaarge book called „I am going to be a mother soon“ („Скоро ще стана майка“ – Татяна Аптулаева) – around 500 pages and I started taking those small pills of Folic acid that are recommended.


After visiting the doctor‘s office I understood from him what I should do and shouldn‘t do. So, I should continue taking those pills of folic acid for about 2 months more, and he prescribed me other vitamins as well – they are called Ogestan. One pill per day, it consists of vitamin B9 (folic acid), omega 3 (DHA), vitamin D3. Another important aspect: No smoking!! That wasn‘t a problem for me any more, because ever since I found out I was determined that this was it – one more last cigarette and it‘s over. So I threw away the whole packet of cigarettes and I became a non-smoker just like that. Apart from that, I was worried about drinking coffee – I love it and I don‘t want to give it up. I was so grateful when I understood that it‘s not forbidden. The only thing is that I have to limit drinking it – only one cup per day, no more caffeine. And at last – the alcohol! No strong alcohol like vodka, whisky, rakia, rum, etc.  – no liquor, no spirits! Allowed: a little red wine (home-made) and a little beer. As most of my friends know, I am a huge fan of wine. Again, I was relieved!

Next step for my pregnancy plan: get more informed. I started searching for different events in town, pregnancy and baby related. I found that there are many of them in Veliko Tarnovo where I live. There are mainly three „organizations“ and each one of them hosts an event once per month. For future reference, the organizations are: „I za mama – И за мама“, “9 months magazine – списание 9 месеца“ and “Happy Mums”. The themes of the events are various; they concern mostly giving birth, taking care of the baby, breast feeding. If you ask me – they are very helpful!

During the second trimester I started visiting a course for pregnant women, as well. It is organized by Happy Mums in Veliko Tarnovo – a center and a school for future parents. The meetings take place once a week and they are very interesting and comforting! There is also yoga for pregnant women in the center which I am planning to start visiting.

pexels-photo (2)00

I have a consultation with my gynecologist once per month. Because I am being pregnant during the winter season in Bulgaria, I got the flue once. If it happens to you, it is very important not to take any pills (especially antibiotics!) without consulting your doctor. When I was sick I was prescribed Biozin Mama – I took one tablet daily. It contains Lactoferrin and it is more of an immune stimulant. Another prescription from my doctor is Magnerot – tablets that I take twice per day. They contain magnesium and are useful if you have leg cramps. Except for the gynecologist, it is important to visit your dentist to check if everything is okay.

Another useful book for you would be “The Baby Book – everything you need to know about your baby from birth to age two” by Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears („Книга за бебето – всичко, което трябва да знаете за вашето бебе от раждането до 2-годишна възраст“). It’s 868 pages (OMG) and I still haven’t started reading it if I have to be honest. But there is everything you need to know in it – that’s why we’ve bought it.

Next step for my pregnancy plan: to choose a team and a hospital where I am going to give birth. I am still working on that one – in progress! What else? I hope I am not missing something. I have already posted articles about my shopping lists. They come with researching different brands for the product as well. Next list I am going to post will be about what you need to prepare (in a large bag) before going to the hospital.

In conclusion: Being pregnant is hard work!

Sometimes I feel like I have started studying a new Bachelor’s Degree at the university and I am getting prepared for the final exam. But this time I must pass with no postponing it. And I will. Definitely.

Photos: by Pexels


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