Reasons why best employees leave their jobs

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting article on that matter. It was called “Best employees quit their job because of their boss” (I read it in a website called Main statement in that article was about the fact that employees don’t leave their jobs, they leave their bosses. To be honest – in most cases, I completely agree. If you like your job, if you enjoy what you are doing, if the job is in your field, if your workmates don’t give you a hard time and there aren’t any medical or family issues… In my opinion, the most common reason is your boss.

Specialists have done research on the subject and have gathered the most common mistakes managers make. As a result, their best employees leave them.

  • Good work is not rewarded, contribution is not appreciated;
  • Best employees are work overloaded;
  • Hiring unsuitable employees, giving a raise to wrong employees (that do not deserve it);
  • Development in employees’ skills and creativity – none;
  • Keeping promises and arrangements managers made to employees – none.
eric bailey

Photo by Eric Bailey

The list ended here, pointing out the most “popular” mistakes while managing a team of people. I would like to add some more that are quite important for me.

  • Lack of employees’ motivation and job satisfaction;
  • Freedom to make decisions about how to do the job – none;
  • Participation in the decision – making process directly related to the job – none;
  • Filling in productivity charts and time / schedule tables for every working day by employees (so annoying!);
  • Frequently neglected opinion about the job itself;
  • Non-work related events, activities and team-buildings for employees – none;
  • Lack of social benefits;
  • Rejecting paid or unpaid leaves when needed;
  • Unprofessional attitude managers are showing (especially flirting or using insulting / uncensored language);
  • Weak management;
  • Lack of professional and organizational skills in managers;
  • Protection of employees (when it comes to customers or higher management) – none.

I can go on and on, trust me. After living in the United States, I came back home to Bulgaria and started working in an Irish tax-return company called, outsourced here (guess why). It was one of the worst times in my professional life, but I needed the money. It wasn’t only the job which was one of the mooost boring jobs in the world! (I have worked as a waitress while studying at the university and that was much more interesting), it was also the team leader – an American who moved to live in my hometown in Bulgaria. So, I came back from the States to my country Bulgaria, and this man is forbidding me to speak in my native language Bulgarian, in my native country Bulgaria. As I spent working the summer in the USA, I know that state laws over there are strict, people know their rights and they are defending them. So, if this man was doing the same things in the US that he was doing in Bulgaria, he will be sued by every female employee working for him. And by every Bulgarian male employee. Of course – he knows that in Bulgaria the judicial system is quite different from the American one. I can tell you more about that awful experience, but it will be another time, in another article. (FYI – he continues to work at that company.)

Another example for managers in Bulgaria: the general accountant at the Regional Health Insurance Fund (my previous workplace). That woman was really sick – literally! She had some kind of a problem with her nerves, don’t know exactly what, but she was taking pills (again – I don’t know the details). What I do know is that she was yelling (again – literally!) to every single employee that was under her supervision, including me. After some hours, she behaved like nothing happened. This mad person was making from 3 to 4 times the money I was making. You can’t imagine what satisfaction I felt when I filed my resignation and I saw the look on her face. She was going to explode. (FYI – she continues to work there.)

Dear readers,

I wish for you to find a job you love, a workplace you like, colleagues you get along with and a boss who understands! After all – it’s just a job. Why not make it pleasant?

People leave managers, not companies.



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