Pregnancy brain? Myth or reality?

Yes, it’s a thing!

You will become forgetful. You will lose your multitasking skills. And maybe your organizational skills. You won’t be able to remember where your car keys are (sometimes). You will be distracted and forget things (appointments, what you just walked into the store for, where you left your purse, whether you locked the door, whether you turned the stove off, even your phone number…) . Your head will be buzzing with the knowledge that there is a new life inside you. You won’t be able to retain new information. You will lose concentration and depend only on your short-term memory.

I even read somewhere a fun fact: women pregnant with girls are more forgetful than women carrying boys.

What is causing it? As usual, pregnancy hormones. Believe it or not, during the third trimester brain-cell volume actually decreases!

Don’t worry: it’s normal, it’s common and it goes away and you will become yourself again after giving birth and adjusting to your new life with the baby!

jandro martinez

Photo by Jandro Martinez

How to cope with pregnancy brain?

  • Take a deep breath and don’t be too hard on yourself;
  • Things you need to remember – write them down! Make lists and reminders;
  • Use electronic organizers (phone, tablet, laptop) to help you in remembering things;
  • Delegate! Reduce the things you need to remember and delegate jobs to others;
  • Keep a detailed daily organizer in your home;
  • Always put items you use often (such as keys) in the same place;
  • Prioritize the important things;
  • Relax – go for a walk, take a long bath, put your feet up with a good book;
  • Have a sense of humor – have a good laugh about it!

Yesterday I went mad because I couldn’t put together my new manual breast pump. Yes, there are instructions how to do it. Yes, there are also pictures of the different pieces and which goes where. And yes! The instructions are in my mother language – Bulgarian… Still: couldn’t do it! I was looking at the pieces of the breast pump, looking at the pictures and I wanted to start crying.

Sometimes I am washing the dishes with soap. By mistake, of course. Or I am trying to turn on the AC with the remote control for the TV set. My boyfriend reminds me every morning what I have to do for the day …


It shall pass. 🙂



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