Top 5 annoying things people say to pregnant women

I got the idea for this post from Jacqui Zadik‘s article called „Top 5 annoying things people without kids say to people with kids“. I think she‘s great in that article! She definitely has a voice and has written the right things! It was kind of dissapointing though when I read the comments below – most of them were terrible! A woman wrote that her puppy needs as much care as a kid and it‘s probably even cuter… A man wrote that people who chose not to have kids are special, not the other way around… Sorry, but: WTF?! What can I say: haters gonna hate.

Here‘s Jacqui Zadik‘s top 5:

  1. When I have kids, I’ll never let them [fill in the blank]
  2. I’m totally broke, I went to three weddings in the last few months.
  3. I am so busy, I have no free time.
  4. *Yawn* I am SO tired.
  5. I know exactly what you mean, I have a puppy. 
benjamin combs

Photo by Benjamin Combs

I think some of them apply to the period of pregnancy and are similar to what we hear while we are pregnant. Honestly, sometimes I want to stop communicating with most people. It‘s quite annoying listening to the same things from everybody over and over again.

I have already told you about the gender thing (See „Baby‘s gender: why does everyone want to know?“) – when I meet someone for the 1st time or when I see somebody I know but I haven‘t seen for a while, the most common question about my pregnancy is: A boy or a girl? Not how I‘ve been doing. Not when I am going to have the baby. But what the baby‘s gender is.

They often ask me if I am worried or afraid of giving birth. They explain to me how painful it is. So, yeah: thanks for the support. No, I am not afraid – I am not going through with a life-saving operation during which I might die. I am going to give birth.

Another thing that comes to mind is everything people with children say to me without even asking them. Especially older people. I know they mean well – I know that. But here‘s the deal: I am not a person who is afraid or ashamed to ask. I always ask for help when I need it and when I have a problem or when I want an opinion. On the other hand, if I haven‘t asked for your advice or opinion and you start blabbering about your experience which was a couple of years ago and you start convincing me that you did everything right and I need to listen to you…Please shut up. Every pregnancy is an individual process. There is my doctor who is taking care of me. There are the books I am reading. There is the pregnancy course I am attending. There is my mother who I trust. If I need help: I‘ll ask for it. Keep the blabbering for yourself.

The opposite thing: people who don‘t have children and haven‘t been pregnant telling you they know how you feel. How do you know? I am just wondering. For example, I don‘t know how it feels to have a child. I don‘t know how other women feel during pregnancy. I only know how I feel while I am pregnant.

pexels-photo (4)

So, there is my list of top 5 annoying things people say to pregnant women:

  1. A boy or a girl?
  2. Are you afraid / scared of giving birth?
  3. When I was pregnant, I did this … and that…
  4. I know how you feel.
  5. Probably it‘s just the hormones…

Ah, yes – the hormones. Because of them I cannot make any rational decisions and right choices. Right?!? Just so you know.

What annoying things have you heard from people during your pregnancy?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 annoying things people say to pregnant women

  1. You are so small or You have gotten so big. Ive heard both at different stages of pregnancy and both are equally annoying. My body is making a baby that my body can handle so don’t judge my size.


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