Things we secretly think when somebody gets married

Ah, getting married…The wedding, the happy couple, the reception… A wonderful occasion, isn‘t it? But is it so wonderful in reality? Here are some interesting ideas about the things that cross our minds when we see somebody getting married. I‘ve divided them into two groups, because I think they depend on our love life situation: wether we are in love and happy or we are not in a relationship (or we are not in the right relationship).


When you are not in love:
  • Maybe I am wasting my time…
  • Is this going to happen to me some day?
  • Will I ever be married?
  • Will I stay forever alone?
  • Why this is not happening to me?
  • People are getting married and what am I doing with my life?
  • Why am I dating only losers who are not ready for this step?
  • Where am I in my relationship…
  • I wonder if this marriage is going to last forever…
  • Are they really in love?
  • When am I going to find the right person?


When you are in love:
  • I am so happy for them!
  • I can‘t wait for my wedding!
  • So maybe true love exists, they look amazing together.
  • What a beautiful couple!
  • Oh, I am going to steal this idea for my wedding (for decorations, dresses, flowers, etc.)!

What other things do we think about when somebody gets married?


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