Your new job: Being pregnant. The end

I am reading the first post that I made about pregnancy (Your new job: Being pregnant. Finding out) … I remember how I found out that I was pregnant like it was yesterday. And even now, almost 11 months later, I remember how confused and worried I was. When I am comparing what I felt then and what I feel now, I cannot understand why I was anxious at all! Happiness after giving birth is endless!

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Truth is, I am not sure if I even liked being pregnant. There was always something wrong with me (I mean physically): the first months were terrible because of the nausea; then my belly started growing and I had to get used to all the physical changes; in the end I couldn’t find a place where to feel comfortable! Everyone was telling me and telling me that I must walk more because it is good for the baby, but all I wanted to do was to lie down on the couch and sleep. I couldn’t wait to give birth and to feel better! I couldn’t wait to stop worrying about what I eat, what I do and how I feel, ‘cause it all had an effect on the baby in my belly as well. Everything passed though and now I feel strange, in a good way, when I think about those nine months and when I look at my pregnancy photos. What is more, you would be really surprised at what your body is capable of.


So, in conclusion I must say that despite all the difficulties that you are going through and all the uncomfortable situations during the 9 months of pregnancy – it’s worth it!! Trust me.  You learn a lot of things, among which are persistency and patience (at least for me). And when the little guy comes…well, that’s something else. Something incredible.

And do you know what? I would do it all again! Even twice if it is possible!

This is my last post from this section (“Your new job: Being pregnant”) guys. What comes next? “Your new job: Being a Mom”!

See you soon, dear friends! Be happy!

The end.


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