10 things to keep in mind

1.Everyone has their own story. Put yourself in their shoes. Don‘t judge and be kind.

2.Don‘t do anything to people that you don‘t want done to you.

3.Most people are just jealous and envious. Ignore them. They have something else going on.


4.Only your closest friends and family would be truly happy for you. Everyone else and everything else is just a pose.

5.Always help people that need help. Some day you might need help, too.

6.Nothing is forever. Sooner or later, everything comes to an end. Get used to it.

pexels-photo (2)64568

7.Don‘t stay with the crowd. Be original. Express yourself.

8.Change is good. New beginnings are for the best.

9.Best things happen when you don‘t expect them to. Be patient and trust life.

10.Remember that love is all around us. You just need to look closer. Happiness is in little things.



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