Baby photography at home

Dear friends,

I don’t know about you, but I looove taking photos! I love capturing special moments and events in life: I imagine how I look at those photos in, let’s say, 10 years and they bring back my amazing memories. The last photos I got taken by a professional photographer were during my pregnancy and they were awesome! I made even a photo album of them, after all pregnancy was one of the most significant periods of my life.

Now I would love to take some professional photos of my son, but honestly: I think it would be impossible. I can’t imagine he would stay still for a photo or he would not cry for an hour! So, until he can do that, I am making photos of him at home. Yes, at home, with my crappy camera haha!

If you are in a similar situation like me, I am going to post here some suggestions for baby photography. These are some ideas I found on Google – they are supposed to be easy photos to make at home that look like professional ones. I still haven’t tried all of them, but the ones I did don’t look so bad.

Baby’s hands


I am having trouble figuring out how to make the photo with the baby’s hands, my hands and the Dad’s hands… It looks amazing and I would love to do it! If you’ve got any ideas, please let me know!

Baby’s feet


Sweet baby!




Belive it or not, my son still doesn’t have one good picture with me in it. There is always no time for me to get prepared for a good photo…



Enjoy taking photos guys!

Note: I haven’t mentioned the photos’ sources used in this post, because I downloaded them from random websites. When you type on Google “baby photography at home ideas”, you will see most of them. 



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