Your new job: Being a Mom. First Walk

I still remember my son‘s first walk outside. Not the walk itself, because it was too short (may be only 15 minutes), but the preparations for it. I‘ve read somewhere that it is important to show the baby new things little by little, not to do something all at once. Because of that, my son was shown the window first so that he can look outside, then the balcony and at last he was taken outside for the first time. The fist walk was supposed to be very short and I had to prolong its duration gradually.

pexels-photo (2)

However, before the first walk, I thought of the things I had to take with us. Besides the stroller, of course. They turned out to be many… 15 minutes is not too much time, but I had to be prepared for everything in case something happens and we need to be outside for more than that. So, before going out, his bag and his stroller were full of all sorts of things!

pexels-photo-70330Unchalee Srirugsar

Photo by Unchalee Srirugsar


  • Umbrella for the stroller (we were going out during the summer season);
  • Pacifier and a box for it;
  • Diapers;
  • Wet wipes;
  • Blanket;
  • Clothes (just in case);
  • Diaper rash cream;
  • Socks and a hat (in case the weather gets cold);
  • Bib;
  • Adapted milk or things for breastfeeding (breastfeeding bra, breastfeeding T-shirt, etc.).

It‘s a long list, isn‘t it?And I always take with me a book or a magazine!

Have a nice walk, ladies!



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