Your new job: Being a Mom. Reality

When did I understand what it is to be a parent and to have a baby in reality? When I got home from the hospital and the endless days and sleepless nights began…

Breastfeeding – on demand.In two hours. Sometimes in an hour and a half. Rarely a pause of three hours.

After breastfeeding: using the breast pump (a manual one). First days: breast compresses. My „favourite“: breast pumping after breastfeeding and putting the baby to sleep in the middle of the night.

Every evening: bathing the baby. After every bathing: hygiene procedures.

Every day: laundry, spreading, ironing. Sterilization.


Free time for myself? No. Sleep? No. Eating? Almost no… Social life? Facebook from time to time… Going out? To a park with the stroller and the baby in it…

The first month was crucial. We had to get used to the baby and the baby had to get used to us. We succeeded but it was very hard, really! The lack of sleep, the anxiety and stress, the pressure… They resulted in more problems between the Dad and me… Would you like to see if your relationship is stable? – Make a baby.


Two months and a half later I am much more organized. I know what, when and how should be done. I find time for myself. I even read a book!

It turned out that reality is somehow different from just enjoying and being happy with your baby. You need to be patient, persistent and strong…




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