Secrets of NOT being single

Recently there are many pictures in facebook of „statuses“ – single, taken and something else. Take a look at this for instance:


Frankly, I think it‘s quite silly. So, if you are in a relationship, you can‘t find yourself? You can‘t love yourself, or get fit, or meet new people? You can‘t make memories? And so on, and so on…

Many of my „friends“ on facebook shared this picture in their profiles. Ok, good for them. If they like being single and think a relationship stops them from all of the above… That‘s their opinion and nobody can judge them. But I want to talk about my opinion and me.


A few years ago I was afraid of commitment and I thought that being single means you are an independent woman. I thought that being single gave me more time for myself and it was cool. I cared about my friends and took cared only of myself. I was so WRONG. And stupid!

Today I am happy – I am in a strong and serious relationship, I am living with my love and I am the happiest mother ever.


My relationship makes me a better person. My partner helps me find my balance. He makes me happier, stronger, kinder. He gives me time for myself – finding, loving and healing myself. I am still passionate! I am passionate about my son, I am passionate about my love, I am passionate about our home. We meet new people and make memories TOGETHER. I know he is the only person I can count on (except for my parents) and who is always gonna be there for me. What is more, he is an amazing father.

These are my secrets of NOT being single. And I love it. I never felt more complete. I guess you just need to meet the real person. The one. ❤

Be happy and love each other, guys. Happiness is real, only when shared.



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