8 Steps: How to save money

Easy ways to save some money. Keep it simple.

Shop from Sales

Every woman knows that by the end of the season, there are sales in every store! Yes, I am talking about our favourite clothes and shoes! Autumn is coming and obviously, you need autumn clothes. But there are sales on summer clothes. Why not buy the summer dress that is only 2 euros (a discount from 20 euros, let‘s say)? You don‘t need it now, but next summer you will have a new dress (and you will save 18 euros)!


Keep a Budjet

Keep track of what‘s going on with your transactions. You can notice you‘re paying for something you don‘t need at all. That‘s how my boyfriend found he is paying for some service of the telephone company he hasn‘t ordered, but they just put it on the invoice!


Photo by Torsten Dettlaff

„Money Jar“

Find an empty jar and each month put some money in it. Money that you didn‘t spend by the beginning of the new month. Little by little, it will get full.

Book Holidays / Flights / Hotels earlier

When booking earlier, you can find better and cheaper deals. Applies to flights, hotels, or travel agencies.


Save the Change

When shopping sometimes the shop assistants or the cashiers give you a lot of change in return. It keeps your wallet heavy, so why not put it aside? In the money jar, for instance?

Look for discounts

It‘s the same basically as shopping from sales: some products are discounted in stores. If you are looking for discounts, you are also saving money. You are not going to buy the product on its full price.

Control yourself

I will buy the shoes! They are not so expensive and they look great on me! Yes, I will definitely buy them! But do I need them? I already have four pairs of shoes like these ones… But I like them so much! But I don‘t need them… In conclusion: Don‘t buy the shoes!

stöckelschuh / stiletto

Additional: Baby stuff

I am speaking from experience: always buy baby clothes one size bigger! Babies grow up so fast, so you can end up buying baby clothes each 2-3 weeks.

Any other ideas?



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