When does it end?

There you have it. The man of your dreams. The roof over your head. The amazing child. The job that pays the bills. The vacation abroad once a year. What more do you want? What else do you need?

I‘ve come to the conclusion that it is human nature to always want more. You buy an apartment – you want a house. You buy a house – you want a bigger house with a backyard. You buy a boat – you want a yacht. You know what I mean, right?


Imagine that you have a dream. You fulfil that dream. What‘s next? Exactly! What is really next?

You get the job that you want. Then what? You want a promotion. You want a higher salary. Then again a promotion. Then again a raise.


The thing is that we want to improve constantly, to strive for success and develop, to have more. There is always something more. So, when does it end? When do we stop?

Money is never enough. For no one. There is a paradox: some people need and save money to „buy“ a roof over their head, others – to buy a new yacht.

When is everything enough? When does it end?


Photo by Gerd Altmann


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