2016 – „A Thank you Letter“

See: New Year’s Resolutions

One post that I wrote almost a year ago. My first post on this blog. It makes me think about 2016 and the things I’ve accomplished. About my new year‘s resolutions. And honestly: I did find my balance, I did learn new things and I did create good energy! I believe I grew in a way I couldn’t have imagined a year ago and connected with amazing people in ways I didn’t believe existed. I didn’t go on adventures – my son is the adventure itself.


It was a tough year for me, but a year to remember. 2016 gave me the greatest happiness on Earth – I became a mother. It‘s not only a blessing – it‘s a privilege!

„A thank you letter“ is a letter that is used when one person wishes to express appreciation to another. It‘s a letter of gratitude. This is my thank you letter to the past year.

I grew. I changed. In a good way. I feel stronger than ever. Thank you, 2016! 



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