My top 10: Best Places I‘ve ever been to

This is such a hard thing to write about… The best places I have ever been to? They are so many, trust me… I mean, not the places, but the best ones. How can someone rate the beauty and the spirit of a place? Which is the best one?

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Photo by Lia Leslie

Each place I have visited has left a strong emotion in me. I am going to post here my list of best places, but I am not going to rate them only by popularity, beauty or landscape.

Every place means something to me. Every place I will remember with something – something that it made me feel, something that happened there, something special about it. Some places will always be in my heart, even though they are not so interesting at first to the stranger visiting them.


I am suggesting a list of

My Top 10: Best Places I‘ve ever been to

1.Coimbra, Portugal
2.Maribor, Slovenia
3.New York, U.S.A.



4.Valencia, Spain
5.Madeira, Portugal
6.Zakynthos, Greece
7.Budapest, Hungary
8.Venice, Italy



9.Piran, Slovenia
10.Sinaia, Romania

Some of you may wonder why I haven‘t chosen big cities like London, Vienna, Barcelona or Munich. Or even Dubai that is soooo popular nowadays. I don‘t really like big cities, the only exception is New York which I am completely in love with. I appreciate small towns that bring you calmness and peace. I think they are adorable and they have a lot to offer.


Coimbra will always have a special place in my heart, that is why it takes the 1st place on my list. When I was living in Maribor, I felt like I was at home. Every island has an astonishing thing going on, and Madeira and Zakynthos are no exceptions. Budapest remains the most beautiful European capital for me. Sinaia showed me the beauty of the Carpathians and I will be happy to go there again. Valencia is a mixture of traditional and modern and I had an amazing time there. Venice is one of the most romantic places I‘ve ever been to. Piran is a really small town with breath-taking views and tranquility that follows you.

Table For Three

There are even more unforgettable places but I haven‘t had the heart to put a rate on them… Zagreb made a really good impression when I was visiting it. Dubrovnik is a must-see. Koper and Izola in Slovenia are other small towns by the sea that will bring you joy and make you feel glad you are alive. The most beautiful beaches I have ever seen are in Panama City Beach, Florida. When you are in Washington D.C. you feel like you are in the center of the world. Corfu is a perfect holiday destination. In Thessaloniki I had the best frappe in my life. In Verona I had the best pizza in my life.

All of these things and places stay with you. Always.



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