The Art of Packing Smart

Packing your stuff in the most efficient way is simply an art, if you ask me. While traveling or going on road trips, there are some things to consider when it comes to packing. World travelers are the best „packers“ without any doubt.


I‘ve never liked packing because I am never sure what to take with me and what to leave behind. I am always postponing packing till the last minute… I guess over the years I‘ve gotten better at it, compared to what I was doing back in high school, for example.

There are some tips to remember when packing your luggage.  The most hilarious thing is that you can find videos on Youtube, called „Packing like a Pro“. It‘s an art, I am telling you…


Anyway, here are some advices I found and I hope they will help you in the art of packing smart.

1.If you are packing a suitcase or a bag, you should fold your clothes. You may use the „rolling“ strategy.

2.If you have too much luggage, you can use compression packs.

3.To be quicker and not to forget something, make a packing list.

4.For any gadgets, you should use ziplock bags.

5.Always weigh your luggage in order to avoid extra baggage fees.

6.If you are going on a road trip or a short holiday, remember: One bag is enough!

7.If you are traveling with someone else, discuss with them a joint luggage strategy.

8.Leave some room in your luggage for items you are going to buy at the destination you are going to.

9.Pack some medicines, just in case. They don‘t take too much space.

Pack smart and travel light! It‘s easier. 🙂



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